Our Kindergarten provides an open and warm environment for Nursery and Reception children, aged 3-5. We recognize every student as a unique learner and one who is able to become confident, capable and independently creative. Through the provision of rich and diverse learning experiences, in a well-resourced and vibrant environment, our students are supported in their learning journey at Elim Kids.

Our Early Years operates within a purpose built, separate campus. We provide a welcoming, secure environment where students are actively involved in the processes and joys of learning. We currently have five Nursery classes and five Reception classes. Each class has one teacher and one full time Education Assistant. We deliver high quality practices and services that make a difference on a daily basis in meeting the needs of our students, in order to help them make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow and develop.
The facilities are spacious for our younger students and include a fabulous outdoor environment, purpose built classrooms, a multi-use hall, a library, a music room and a multi-media suite. We provide the best of learning opportunities, extending each student’s development in a stimulating and nurturing setting consistent with the learning environment at our Primary campus.
Our students are actively engaged through play and exploration in the development of their independent ideas and strategies. Reflecting our place in today’s global society, our early years curriculum develops the personal skills and international mindedness students require in order to assume an active part in the world around them. We encourage our students to be resilient learners and to enjoy achievement.
In addition to classroom teachers and education assistants we provide a full time office administrator along with a part time librarian, first aid person and specialist subject teachers in the areas of physical education, music, information and communication technology, Mandarin and targeted support.
One of our Senior Leaders has oversight for Kindergarten in order to coordinate programmes of learning and to provide leadership and support. Waiting lists are long and prospective parents are advised to register their children at their earliest opportunity.
Children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time. That is why they are called the foundation years.