Inter house spelling competiton

Event: Inter House Spelling Competition.

Date: 7th May 2024

Venue: Elim School

Annual sports day

Dear parents, this is to notify you that our annual sports day will be on the 1st March 2024. We encourage you to encourage your child/children to participate. 

3rd Unit Test

3rd Unit Test begings from 5th February 2024.

Second Term Examination

Dear parents, this is for your information that the second 2nd Term Examination begins from 27th November. 

First Unit Test

Dear parents, this is for you information that our first unit test begins from 19th June (4th Asar).

Whoopeeland Visit

Dear parents, school is planning to send our children from grade - 2 to 5 to Whoopee land. Therefore, please sing up as soon as possible. For more information, contact school office 4720098. 


Dear parents, this is for your information that this year swimming class begins from 12th May 2023. Please signup soon.